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Cool clubs for cool kids at your Children's and Family Hotel in Tyrol

At our hotel with child-care in Austria we offer perfect family vacations in a contemporary ambience with a spa and beauty arrangements for you and action and fun for your kids. Our professional child-care staff looks after the well-being of your little ones.

 Club  Age
 Baby club  2 months -2 years
 Mini club  3-6 years
 Maxi club  7-10 years
 Teenie club  11-15 years


Educationally trained supervisors are looking forward to your offspring. Drinks and all meals from morning to evening are included in the price in the alpina zillertal!

Baby hotel in Zillertal: Baby Club

Here, the little ones come out big! Overall, there are 700m ² of games and childcare facilities available. In our kids' club kids from 3 to 6 years will find everything that makes their adventurous hearts beat faster. The Gymnasium offers a variety of activities from baby gymnastics to indoor hockey, trampolining and football. In the large indoor play area with 3 attendance rooms and soft play facility the kids can let off steam. In addition, we have put together a versatile children's program: magic shows, crafts, children's theater, Mottotage, splashing in the water play garden, fun on the waterslide, fashion shows, children's cinema and tobogganing are just some of the highlights ...

To provide the little ones with enough energy, serve a delicious lunch daily - of course included!

HiPP Babymenu

Child-care in the children's hotel: Mini Club

The little ones are big time here!
In our Mini Club children from 3 to 6 years of age will find everything their adventurous hearts are longing for. There are lots of activities in the gymnastics room from baby gym to hockey, trampoline and soccer. They can frolic to their hearts' content in the 100m² play area with three rooms and soft-play equipment. We also have a diverse children's programm: magic shows, creative offerings, theater, theme days, splashing around in the water play area, fun on the water slide, fashion shows, kid's movies and sledding are just some of the highlights ...

We serve a delicious lunch to make sure your kids have enough energy for all the fun - inclusive, of course!

Hotel facilities for children:

  • kitchenette with oven and microwave
  • children's chairs
  • doll carriage with dolls
  • bobby cars
  • book shelves
  • drawing paper
  • big soft building blocks
  • shelves with plastic boxes for jackets etc.
  • 2 tables and benches for 20 kids to eat and do crafts
  • play kitchen with dishes
  • car play mat with Fisher Price cars and parking garage
  • cuddle corner with tent, cushions and blankets
  • round play table with chairs for the play kitchen
  • cupboard of board games (Haba)
  • child-size plates and cups for meals and metal silverware
  • toilet at the reception desk

Action in the kid's and teen hotel: Maxi Club and Teen Club

It's not cool to go on a holiday with your parents? It is at the Kid's and Teen hotel alpina zillertal.
Kids 7 and up have their own clubs here so they can enjoy their vacation with other kids of the same age. 

A diverse and action-packed outdoor programme awaits kids in the Maxi club: discover the mountains together,  explore the area, swing from tree to tree through the rope garden, cool off on a rafting tour, warm up on a climbing tour, resore your strength by cooking together and so much more ... because lunch is included, of course.

Big kids can chill out and enjoy cool activities in our Teen club.  Want some action? Teens can test their limits at diverse outdoor activities such as climbing, canyoning, ball games and more.  and if they want to spend their day chilling out, they can go to the teen lounge to play billiards, flipper, darts and fuseball. A pool party is the weekly highlight in our Kid's and Teen Hotel - complete with cocktails and everything! Fun for the whole family!

Children's Prices

Small guests benefit from small prices. Nevertheless our service is broad:

in Summer and Winter MO till SU 9am - 9pm 

supervised children's meal at lunch and dinner, baby equipment on loan ...

Summer 2020 Winter 2020/21
 Age  Prices  Age  low season
 high season

 0-1 years

 39,00 €/day  0-1 years  42,00 €/day 49,00 €/day
 2-5 years  42,00 €/day  2-5 years  49,00 €/day 55,00 €/day
 6-9 years  45,00 €/day  6-9 years  59,00 €/day 65,00 €/day
 10-14 years  55,00 €/day  10-14 years  69,00 €/day 75,00 €/day
 15-17 years  69,00 €/day  15-17 years  89,00 €/day  95,00 €/day

Look forward to a family holiday in our hotel with childcare in Austria!

The Alpini Kids Club

We offer you a perfect family vacation in a modern atmosphere with wellness, beauty and a SPA for your and lots of action and fun for your loved ones.

In our professional childcare, 13 childcare professionals care for your child and its wellbeing 7 days a week in the Baby club (3 months-2 years), Mini club (3-6 years), Maxi club (7-10 years), Teenie club (11-15 years).
in Summer and Winter MO till SU 9am - 9pm

 mascot Alpini skiing
 mascot Alpini swimming
 Mascot Alpini Playing

Come with us on an adventure …

Let's go! Small children or teenagers, a first expedition or a cool adventure: it's time to head out into the untouched nature of the Zillertal. Your children should have the opportunity to experience, observe and understand this natural world during their stay with us.  On bad weather days we concentrate on crafting, frolicking, playing, singing and painting. Our indoor play ground offers enough room for all activities in the alpina hotel with childcare. And computers and TVs can take a vacation.

The evenings are reserved for the family: the day's adventures are revealed with red cheeks and bright eyes.  And there is so much to tell ...

Enjoy time for the family AND time for yourself in our hotel with childcare in Austria!