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So much going on at the Spieljoch lift

As previously announced, the first large renovation of the Spieljoch lift is beginning in November. All in all, €40 million will be invested in the feeder lift and the reservoir. In the following years, the 3-person lift will be replaced with a 10-person gondola and in the final renovations, the spectacular direct connection from peak to peak to the Hochzillertal skiing region with be constructed. 


This is a quantam leap for the competive position of our tourist location. Thanks are especially due to the Schultz family, who are lifting our town into a higher league with their tempo, courage and motivation. 

Summer 2017

  • Various slope improvements (railings, etc)
  • Further improvements on the training slope
  • Replacement of the feeder lift with a 10-person monocable gondola. 
  • New construction of the valley, middle and mountain station
  • Nature sledding track Spieljoch
  • Vogeltenn II Reservoir and further development of the snowmaking facilities
  • Reconstruction of the parking area at the valley station
  • Downhill valley run underpass, evening of the levels
  • Herzalm: Operation until the end of April, dismantling by the end of October 2017


  • Replacement of the Onkeljoch lift with a 10-person monocable gondola
  • Completion of the mountain station


  • 3-S Peak to Peak direct connection from Spieljoch to Hochzillertal

The investment program for the next years